16th Open Championship

Royal St. George’s Golf Club
Royal St. George’s Golf Club

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Final of The Golf Club Secretary – 16th Open Championship at Royal St. George’s was hailed as a great success, for which we are very grateful and not a little relieved! Even the tie was pronounced ‘wearable’ by a number of the competitors and it certainly got a good outing at lunch, with all but one of the diners sporting a GCS tie. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for their support during the last 12 months, which have not been easy for any of us; all the more reason therefore to support our PATRONS without whom the Championship would not be possible, Majestic Crystal, Eagle, Jonas/Clubminder, who have all been with us since the Championship’s inception, together with C C V, Golf Monthly and Teeofftimes, all bring something different to The Golf Club Secretary – Open Championship and all deserving of your custom, wherever possible.

Kind regards,


M W A Coffey


P.S. Don’t forget the Diamond Jubilee paper weights – a MUST for any and every prize table!