Pencils I have known and love!

The second biggest seller in most proshops is the scorecard pencil.

Huge potential for easy widespread advertising.
But which pencils end up on your bedside “bits tray” and which ones are coveted, then used and again? And why?
How many times have you tried to write on a soggy card with a hard as nails pencil?
How often have you reached for a pencil to scribble down an important message only to find it slips from the fingers and won’t write on the margin of the glossy packaging or paper?

So what is the difference?

An often overlooked essential feature of a golf pencil is its hardness. The second is the outside finish.

The standard pencil is usually HB (Hard Black), good for most purposes but when you move onto specialist tasks you need a specific pencil: H.2H and so on – the harder pencils, favoured by draftsmen, architects and designers where an exact fine line is required.

People on the go who need a bold black impression that writes easily on a variety of surfaces go for softer pencils: The fat postman’s or grocer’s pencil is usually 4B. Rally navigators favour 2B and that’s what’s best for golf scorecards in my opinion, and why Epping GC goes through pencils at such a rate!

We assume your scorecard supplier has wisely chosen a non glossy card – can’t we?

If you want your pencils to be in everyone’s bag, jacket and pocket, order your next 10,000 pencils with a matt or natural wood finish and 2B lead. (With the Club name and website address)

Neil Sjoberg
Epping GC
My own favourite is a black hexagonal one from Pezula in South Africa, a reminder of a great trip and birthday, with a RUBBER for Senior Moment reparation (an essential feature these days!)


Neil also suggests that “natural or matt finish stay behind the ear – glossy ones slip out”; that’s because they are supposed to be in your pocket!?

Let us know your favourites and why?