Seascale GC – 31st October 2016

Shirt sleeve order on the last day of October and in West Cumbria too… whatever next!? Those who were not present at Seascale missed several rare treats. A cracking course in excellent condition, played in beautiful weather (although we didn’t quite get to see the Isle of Man or the full panorama of Lakeland mountains) produced some excellent scoring.


The winner, and who by his own admission drives the ball long and straight, was a perennial Finalist, David Owen (11) Paulton Park with 38pts, which could have been a good few more with a touch more local knowledge. Two previous qualifiers David Morgan (5) Gullane with 35pts and David Towers (7) Kirkby Lonsdale 34pts, came second and third, whilst Steve Boustead (17) Manchester, 34pts and Chris Spencer (6) North Berwick 31pts, two other regular Finalists, claimed their places at the Final at Rye next year. Our congratulations to them and thanks to all who came to Seascale. We were also joined by some local secretarial guests, whom we hope have seen sufficient to ensure that they join in on future occasions…?

Our thanks go to all at the Club for their very warm welcome – Club Captain Mike Cooper, industrious secretary Harry Paterson (who unearthed the White Tee Markers – much to the Davids’ delight!) and hard-working House Manger, Kirsty Johnson, not to mention the generosity of the members in allowing us to stage one of our Regional Qualifying Tournaments over such a beautiful and testing course. We look forward to returning in years to come.

Finally our Supporters, without whom the Championship simply wouldn’t happen. On this occasion we were joined by Bob King of Teeofftimes/BRS and the fully fit Eddie Comerford of Eagle, as well as the Majestic Crystal prize table

Seascale Golf Club

Seascale GC Results

David Owen (11) Poulton Park 38pts
David Morgan (5) Gullane 35pts
David Towers (7) Kirkby Lonsdale 34pts
Steve Boustead (17) Manchester 34pts
Chris Spencer (6) North Berwick 31pts
Bob King (12) Teeofftimes/BRS 31pts
Bill Douglas (6) St Bees 30pts
Jeremy Ellwood (5) Ellwood Golf 30pts
Martin Gillett (5) Hobbs Cross 29pts
Eddie Comerford (1) Eagle 29pts
Margaret Bebington (11) Carus Green 29pts
Alan Feltham (12) 28pts
Neill Ellice (13) Ipswich 27pts

Adrian Dawson (8) Woodcote Park
Michael Coffey (11) The GCS
Mo Brooker (12)
Geoffrey Bartle (18) Cockermouth