Walton Heath GC (Old) – 9th November 2016

“Great shame about today, at such a high profile event with so many playing, and to be foiled by the weather”

Renaissance GC

You can’t win them all and as we watched the putting green at Walton Heath gradually go under water it was obvious that playing a qualifying event was not an option. In 207 events since the Championship’s inception we have lost fewer than eight to the weather, but yesterday the prayer mat was facing west and not east, as President Elect Trump will also testify.

It was a poor reward for everyone, especially those who had travelled so far, Cornwall probably taking that ‘prize’ and Warwickshire being a particularly difficult drive from and to… whilst Herts was a relative doddle. A dozen or more stalwarts did play a few holes in order to work up an appetite for lunch – around 20 tucking into lunch for 80 our thanks to those who put in a sterling effort on that front! Throughout the wait the Walton Heath staff could not have done more to make us welcome and comfortable (both on and off the course) and our thanks go to Stuart Christie and his Deputy Caroline Edwards (get better soon) for their understanding and prompt ‘handling’ of all the problems, which has enabled us to re-schedule this Regional Qualifying Tournament for Tuesday, 28th March 2018.

Walton Heath GC (Old)
A dozen or more stalwarts did play a few holes in order to work up an appetite for lunch

We will automatically enter your name in the draw for Walton Heath (Old) on that date unless you advise that you cannot make it, in which case we will try and accommodate you somewhere else – Little Aston on the following day March 29th, Hunstanton on April 3rd (with the Mixed competiton at King’s Lynn the day before) and the ‘Last Chance Saloon’ at Berkhamsted on April 10th.

All was not entirely lost however. Our Supporters did a good job of ear bending and getting their message across; John Hayes of Marsh (the results of their photographic competition will be announced shortly), Phil and Harry McInley of Eagle, intelligentgolf’s m/d Jamie Abbott, Chris O’Hagan of Golf Monthly and of course the year’s debutante Philip Vince of Majestic Crystal all had a very worthwhile time with the patient competitors. It will also be good to have Charlie Swann of Teeofftimes/BRS back in the field for March. Paul Jones of Ian Macleod Distillers (Glengoyne amongst other brands) came to meet us and we hope to see more of him and his goodies in the months to come.

This marks the end of our autumn season for the 21st Open – thanks to all who have taken part and driven the miles, all good wishes for the remainder of 2016 and on into 2017!

Walton Heath Golf Club